New Projects

To setup new projects in Outrigger use the command rig project create to coordinate all of the various operations required to get the proper configuration in place. The project create command runs a collection of Yeoman generators, prompting for input and outputting a collection of Docker Compose and Outrigger configuration.

Project Create command

The project create command has the following usage:

rig project create [--image image:tag] [type] [args]

Running the project create command without specifying the --image flag will run using the Outrigger Generator image. Additionally, if no [type] is specified the default type is outrigger-drupal. Other options for [type] on the default outrigger/generator image are gadget and pattern-lab-starter.

Documentation for the currently supported types and related args can be found here:

Specify a Generator Image

If you want to use a different image other than outrigger/generator:latest you can specify it with the --image flag. Generator images should expect to output their work at path /generated within the running container. The project create command mounts the current working directory at this path in order to capture generated output to your host machine. All [type] and [arg] options are passed to the docker run command launching the container for the specified image.