Accessing containers from other Virtual Machines

If you use virtual machines to perform cross browser testing you'll need to know how to configure VirtualBox networking to allow for communication with your containers.

Networking Mode

In your virtual machine settings, under Network choose an enabled adapter and then choose NAT for the Attached to option.

VirtualBox Network Settings

This will ensure that processes from within virtual machine can route requests through the network to your containers.


In addition to the network setup, you'll need to choose one of the following options so that the DNS entries for your containers can resolve to the proper IP address.

Outrigger DNS

The preferred option is to configure your virtual machine so that it uses the DNS services set up by Outrigger. To do so, set as a DNS server in the virtual machine.

For Windows, you can use these instructions for using Google's Public DNS to navigate to the correct area for setting your DNS server. Use instead of the Google IP addresses.

For Linux systems, refer to the Linux DNS configuration options section of the Linux Installation instructions and choose the option that best works for your system.

Hosts File

If configuring DNS isn't a viable option for your virtual machine, a backup approach is to manually manage the mapping of container domain names to the appropriate IP address. To do this, any time you start or stop containers you will need to take the output of rig dns-records and update the hosts file in the virtual machine.